Warrior is a graphic novel written and painted by Satine Zillah. It is inspired by ancient civilizations and cultures of second century BC. The story follows the lives of two characters - Roe, a merciless cheiftain of sarmato-scythian tribes, and Sevan -  queen of vast Yberia, with progressive ideals way ahead of her time. Both adept at leading their people, both scarred by their own grim histories, pushing onward with an entirely opposite sets of morals and beliefs. But their fates will intertwine, and you will see their beliefs clash, throwing their lifes and ideals into a chaotic dissaray as unpredictable as the world they were raised in.
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Roe-Sarmatai chieftain

Adopted into a tribe of Sarmatian nomads at her early youth, she became a flawless example of what it means to be one. Raised on a saddle, taught how to use both bow and a sword, she learned all the skills necessary for a life in a barbarian tribe. And she excelled in all of them - but did not stop there. By her adolescence she became not only a ruthless warrior, but a great strategist and a leader too. Driven by the tragic events of her youth, she devoted her life to uniting Sarmatian and Scythian tribes for a single purpose - to conquer the kingdom of Yberia.(*The myth of amazons is based off Sarmatian tribes.)

Sevan-Queen of Yberia

Hailing from an old and prosperous Hagophyan dynasty, a lineage known centuries of stern rule, she is a sober, enlightened leader, surrounded by only the finest teachers, advisors, philosophers and artisans the world has to offer. Unlike her forefathers, she strives for a peaceful future, and seeks alliances and kinship amongst Alans, the ancient enemies of Yberia. To establish peace after decades of war and terror is her single goal. And she hopes that by not following in the cruel footsteps of the Hagophyan dynasty, the kingdom of Yberia can be ushered into even more flourishing era.

Taras-Sarmatai chieftain

Born into a family of Sarmatian chieftains, it is no surprise that after the death of his mother, he was the one to inherit the mantle of authority. He grew up with Roe, and together they have spent years by raiding, fighting and riding across the steppes. And while they might not be related by blood, the hardships they have shared brought them close to each other as siblings. Taras, being the older brother, is someone Roe always looks up to, and she never once thinks of doubting him.

Nasír-the Royal Guard

His ancestry goes back all the way to ancient Persia. A predecessor of his served as a captain and an advisor in the armies of Cyrus the Great. After his armies were crushed by Massagetean queen Tomyris, his ancestors pledged their service to Haghopyans and served in their ranks for centuries. True to his name, Nasír is not only the captain of the royal guard, but one of the closest advisors to the queen Sevan. Always unwavering in his faith, this is the man who during the reign of Narses, Sevan's father, converted the whole kingdom to the worship of the god Mithra.

Xatia-Scythian chieftain

Sarmatians and Scythians have always been neighbors, albeit nomadic ones. Lifestyle, steppes and trade is what brought them closer, and petty conflicts are what always ripped them apart. Xatia and Roe united their tribes and formed a powerful alliance of numerous clans, ruling over the Eurasian steppes. Xatia and her army is famed for its inconceivable finesse when it comes to mounted archery, making her soldiers into the most formidable force on the steppe.

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